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High-quality commercial laundry services. World-class facilities. Anchor-institution supported. Local and employee owned.

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About Evergreen Cooperative Laundry

Evergreen Cooperative Laundry was the first of Evergreen’s network of worker-owned cooperatives, opening in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood in 2009 as one of the region’s only LEED Gold certified commercial laundry facilities. In 2018, Evergreen Cooperative Laundry opened its second location in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood in connection with one of Cleveland’s largest hospital systems. Since opening, it continues to be one of Evergreen’s most successful coops and proving that the anchor-institution model can support long-term wealth building for its employee owners.

A Healthcare Laundry Model That Works

Evergreen Cooperative Laundry operates a unique anchor-supported, employee-owned healthcare laundry service that is capital intensive. We are partnered with a major local healthcare system that controls the major assets but contracts us under a comprehensive laundry and service program. It’s a direct relationship that restores and secures the healthcare systems linen supply change while supporting long-term community impact.

Gerry Knotek, Cleveland Clinic's senior director of linen and laundry, said, "Large laundry providers didn't want to invest and they were closing facilities." By contrast, the "partnership gives us a reliable supply, better control of inventory, and we're getting the linen we need and on time."

Evergreen’s Employee Owner Model

Our proven model highlights are greatest assets: our employees. Evergreen Cooperative Laundry is a local employee-owned business that is contracted to operate the state-of-the art facility. Employee owners manage each facility including production, maintenance, logistics and human resources. We are proud to be over 80% owned by employees while offering 20% higher pay rates than comparable industries, supportive benefit plans including healthcare, specific voting rights, and profit sharing.

Getting the owner’s
personal attention

By doing business with Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, you're investing in a more sustainable local economy. Our employees are the owners, which gives them a unique personal stake in delivering quality and value, every day, to our clients in the hospital, hotel and nursing home industries.


Our Facility Focus

Evergreen Cooperative Laundry operates using efficient and sustainable best practices throughout the facility and processes.

Key Sustainable Practices:



New highly energy-efficient LED fixtures throughout the plant resulting in energy savings.



Maximizing pounds per operating hour, is a critical benchmark that drives fill rate…and profits!



Significant improvements made to facility and equipment to reduce the use of water, gas, electricity.


Pay Scale

Employees receive more than 20% higher pay rates than competitors, plus a strong benefits plan, and profit‐sharing (through patronage).



Evergreen actively maintains safety as its top priority.



Heightened sanitation practices that maintains our HLAC accreditation standards.


Air Quality

Fully air‐conditioned facilities with separate air control systems, lint scrubbers, and consistent preventative maintenance.



Automated facilities that is designed for minimal bending and lifting.