Fund for Employee Ownership

Evergreen’s Fund for Employee Ownership is a groundbreaking investment fund, designed to create quality jobs through employee ownership while anchoring jobs and wealth in the local community.


Growing a network of employee-owned businesses.

The Fund for Employee Ownership (TFEO) leverages patient capital to acquire small-to-medium-sized businesses, converts them to employee ownership, and supports them over the long term.

It may seem like a simple approach, but the Evergreen Model is powerful and effective.


TFEO acquires great small-to-medium-sized businesses from owners that would like to exit or retire; preserving their legacy, maintaining jobs in the community, while offering a fair value for the business.


TFEO converts businesses we acquire to employee-owned, providing existing employees a stake in the profits, an opportunity to build wealth, and giving them a voice in their workplace.


TFEO brings business into the Evergreen business network and supports them alongside our other employee-owned companies. We provide continuous access to capital as needed, governance oversight, and most importantly employee-ownership training and technical assistance.

The Evergreen Initiative

About Evergreen Cooperatives

Our initiative to revitalize low-to-medium income neighborhoods through employee ownership has drawn national and international media attention and wide interest from economic development experts.

Our Mission

The Fund for Employee Ownership acquires Northeast Ohio and surrounding area companies and converts them to employee ownership for the enrichment of their employees and community.

Our Vision

Provide solutions for retiring and exiting business owners.

Support transactions where low-to-moderate income workers benefit

Creating a network of sustainable community-based enterprises

Secure and promote jobs for low-to-medium income individuals and wealth-building opportunities through patronage

Maintain a growing self-sustaining loan fund

For Investors

Learn more about how to support community wealth building through employee ownership.

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For Sellers

Learn more about how to protect your employees, your legacy, and the value you have created.

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