Evergreen’s Network of Cooperatives

“Every step we take on this pathway, we will see more energy, teamwork, curiousness about the business, with everyone working toward the same goal.”

Martin Berry, CEO Berry Insulation

Meet Our Coops

The Evergreen Network

The Evergreen Network is home to several companies, employing more than 250 workers. As worker-owned cooperatives, all businesses in our network are 80% majority owned and democratically operated by their employee members.

Evergreen Cooperative Laundry (ECL) provides reliable premium laundry services to Cleveland-area hotel, hospital and nursing home industries at competitive rates. Launched in 2009, ECL is the region’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold commercial laundry facility where 100 employee owners use industry-leading practices to maximize operating efficiencies at every level of the process.

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Berry Insulation (BI Cooperative) provides insulation and weatherization services that improve energy efficiency, adds interior comfort and ensures a safe environment to live, work and play in.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and methods, Berry Insulation has earned an impeccable reputation as an industry leader for energy improvement projects to residential homes, multi-unit apartments/condominiums, renovations/retrofits, commercial properties, new construction and industrial facilities.

Berry Insulation joined the Evergreen Cooperatives network in 2020 and 85% of the employees are proud to be  employee-owners.

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Phoenix Coffee (Ohio PC Cooperative) is the only employee-owned coffee company in Ohio and one of Cleveland’s premier specialty coffee roasters. The business which opened in 1990 boasts six popular coffee shops around the city and a wholesale coffee roasting and commissary bakery downtown.

Phoenix Coffee joined the Evergreen Cooperatives network in late 2020 and continues to grow, with 70% of employees proud to be employee owners serving in a wide range of roles, including bakers, baristas and coffee roasters.

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An industry-leading producer of LED automotive aftermarket digital and analog gauges, Intellitronix (INTX Cooperative) joined the Evergreen Cooperatives network in 2021. With 85% of employees are proud to be   employee-owners, Intellitronix manufactures microprocessor-controlled LED products, energy saving devices for the automotive electronic, marine and recreational vehicle markets.

All Intellitronix products are made in its manufacturing facility near Cleveland, Ohio.

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LEFCO Worthington (LW Cooperative) is an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered custom wood crates and heavy-duty skids for international shipping.

LEFCO Worthington joined the Evergreen Cooperative network in April 2023 and quickly became 80% employee owned.

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