Evergreen in the News

“This is not a feel-good story that you can put in 
the paper one day and then walk away from it a year later. It’s an ongoing thing.”

John McMicken, CEO

Evergreen Cooperatives helps companies shift to co-ops, share profits with workers

The idea of a career and work day has changed a lot since the pandemic started in March 2020 and that’s already making many employees rethink what they want and need from an employer.

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Evergreen Signs New Five-Year Contract with the Cleveland Clinic

Evergreen Cooperative Laundry (ECL) has extended its wide-ranging relationship with the Cleveland Clinic by signing a new five-year agreement to provide laundry and linen services for approximately 200 Clinic locations in Northeast Ohio.

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Green City Growers acquired by Local Roots Cleveland

The Evergreen Cooperative Corporation (ECC) and Green City Growers (GCG) boards recently sold GCG to Local Roots Cleveland, a company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Ind. The GCG board, comprised of employee-owners and independent board consultants, voted to approve this transaction, and Local Roots Cleveland assumed ownership on May 19, 2022. Local Roots has offered jobs to all 12 GCG employees and expects to at least double the workforce by year-end.

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Evergreen Cooperatives’ Fund for Employee Ownership Acquires Manufacturer of Custom Wood Crates, LEFCO Worthington LLC

Evergreen Cooperatives, a nonprofit focused on revitalizing urban neighborhoods by preserving jobs that build middle-class wealth, has added to its growing portfolio of employee-owned businesses with the asset purchase of LEFCO Worthington LLC, an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered custom wood crates and heavy-duty skids for international shipping.

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Local Coffee Shop Employees Take Ownership With Evergreen’s Impact Investment

Nationally recognized Evergreen Cooperatives, building on more than a decade of impact investing to build wealth in local communities, has once more made a strategic investment that will allow a company—this time a Northeast Ohio coffeehouse chain—to transition to employee ownership.

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